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Customer Reviews

By tundoy » UK Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:07 pm

Best example of there work. I had this jacket designed and made from cow hide leather best biking gear i have bought quality is exceptional. I am over the moon with the jacket and wish you all the best with promotion the jacket was worth every penny.

By Psychey; Australia 30-Oct-2010 at 22:48

Hi Netrider peeps!
I have good news to share with you!
I am a tall guy with long arms, and my shoulders were in-between sizes. I found it difficult to buy motorcycle leather jackets that are off the shelf in any bike shops. I realized that I have to custom-make one if I want one. I looked everywhere and found one who would custom make it and send it to me. I found it hard to go ahead with it because, I was afraid that I might pay for something and when it gets to me, it will be a horrible fit, and I will have to fork out money to send it back.
After a couple of emails with Oscar Leather, I got a bit comfortable, and I realized that they are willing to do whatever I want, in whatever color I like. I communicated with the seller via email and also on Skype just before the order. Placed my order and waited.
After a couple of weeks, I received it and it was perfect! The sleeve length, the should fit was perfect! I was over the moon that I have finally gotten myself a premium leather jacket that fits, and it did not cost me an arm and a leg!
How much did I spend? Less than AUD$300, and that includes the upgrade to premium leather, addition of ventilation zips, and matching leather gloves! ...and that includes postage!